• Harp for Healing, LLC

    Harp for Healing, LLC

    Use the healing power of music to nourish and heal yourself and others.

  • Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP)

    Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP)

    Training in therapeutic music history and practice for vocalists and acoustic instrumentalists.

  • Public Music for Medical Environments (PMME)

    Public Music for Medical Environments (PMME)

    Preparing musicians for playing in the public areas of a medical environment - lobbies, nurse's stations, care centers, and the like.

  • Therapeutic Music Sessions

    Therapeutic Music Sessions

Harp for Healing, LLC

Harp for Healing, LLC

What is therapeutic music and why is training necessary?

Therapeutic music is live music played in a therapeutic manner to match the immediate needs of a patient/client. A trained therapeutic musician will adapt the style of music being played to help a person find a place of healing and peace.

To schedule a therapeutic music session with Mary Stevens, delivered by Zoom or Skype, please visit the Facebook page Harp for Healing, LLC or email Mary at MaryStevens@HarpforHealing.com. Please note that only remote sessions through Zoom or Skype are available at this time.

For those interested in learning how to play therapeutic music for use at the bedside or in therapeutic settings, Harp for Healing, LLC offers three levels of training which provide insight into how to adapt music to meet the needs of people in healthcare environments.

  1. Public Music for Medical Environments (PMME)--training in appropriate music for public areas of healthcare environments, such as lobbies, nurse's stations, hallways, and the like.
  2. Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP)--training in the theory and practice of bedside therapeutic music. Accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Music (NSBTM). Suitable for any therapeutic instrument--harp, keyboard, guitar, voice, dulcimer, etc.
  3. Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy Training Program (VAHT)--training in the practice of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy, offered through agreement with Musiatry, LLC.

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