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Certified Clinical Musician Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


As a Certified Clinical Musician, I agree to conduct myself in accordance with the following principles:

Patient Welfare and Confidentiality:

I will focus on the welfare of the patient above all else in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Services will be offered only in settings that ensure safety for both the patient and myself. I will hold all patient information and records, and all information observed or shared in my presence, confidential according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule requirements.

Competence and Qualifications:

I will perform only those duties for which I have been adequately trained, not engaging in any practices outside of my area(s) of competence. I will state my qualifications, titles, and professional affiliation(s) accurately and work within the scope of practice of therapeutic musicians (unless licensed or qualified, and hired/approved to do additional therapies in conjunction with therapeutic music work). If I am referred to incorrectly, I will take appropriate steps to correct any misrepresentation. I will seek appropriate assistance when needed and I will avoid making any predictions or claims about the efficacy of the services that I offer.


I will respect the rights of others to hold values, attitudes, cultural traditions, musical preferences, religious beliefs, political perspectives, and opinions that differ from my own. During a therapeutic music session I will speak of my own personal opinions, traditions, perspectives, and beliefs only when asked by the client or responsible family members and only if appropriate to the situation.

Practice and Personal Awareness:

I will practice with integrity, honesty, fairness and respect for others. I will not engage in any type of discriminatory or exploitive relationship(s). I will report any serious ethical violations that I have observed to the appropriate agency or persons. If I become aware of my own personal limitations, problems, or values that might interfere with my professional work I will take whatever action is necessary (e.g., seeking professional help, limiting or discontinuing work with clients, etc.) to ensure that services to clients are not affected by these limitations and problems.


I will use my best professional judgment, interpersonal skills, and etiquette when interacting with patients, families, and hospital staff. My appearance and dress will be appropriate, professional and respectful. Any public statements that I release will be truthful and objective, and will protect the proprietary interests of patients and professional colleagues.


I will avoid actions that promote self-interest at the expense of the profession, and I will uphold the standards of my employer/contractor with honor and dignity. I will accept appropriate compensation only for services actually rendered by myself.


I will obtain the patient's or family/caregiver's permission or obtain permission from facility staff members for a therapeutic music session.


I will work harmoniously to the best of my ability with nurses, physicians, therapeutic musicians, colleagues and other members of the patient's health care team and staff in those facilities where I serve. I will not knowingly damage the professional reputation or practice of others.

Continuing Education:

I will strengthen my abilities as a Therapeutic Musician through continuing practice and education. I will strive to increase my level of knowledge and skills and promote research within the profession.

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