Public Music for Medical Environments (PMME)

The Public Music for Medical Environments (PMME) program prepares musicians for playing in the public areas of a medical environment--lobbies, nurse's stations, care centers, and the like. It is a good "first step" for musicians who may be interested in clinical music, but who want to get just a taste of playing in a medical environment before committing to the study and practice of bedside music. Subject matter includes appropriate repertoire choices, appropriate behavior in clinical settings, and background in the effects of music on the human body, mind, and spirit. A certificate of completion is available upon completion of the book reports, repertoire development, exam, and other requirements specified in the textbook. Please note: PMME training does not qualify a musician to play at the bedside. For information on bedside therapeutic music, please see Harp for Healing's Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP).

The PMME Notebook

A study book for musicians wishing to learn the skills needed to present live music in public areas of medical environments.

The course notebook will be sent as an email attachment within 48 hours of your order. To order, click on "Add to Cart." You will make payment either by credit card or PayPal. 


Purchasing the course notebook makes you eligible to request a certificate of completion by following the instructions in the notebook and paying the appropriate fee, listed below. It also entitles you to a $15 discount on the Clinical Musician Certification Program (CMCP) tuition. 


Certificate of Completion Fee

PMME Certificate of Completion Fee.  This fee is paid when the final submission of the PMME materials is sent to the home office. 


Additional Submission Fee

Additional Submissions after initial submission. This fee only applies if additional coaching is needed after the initial submission.